About Frank Gardner

On August 29th 2009, Frank passed away at his home on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Frank had been undergoing a 5 year battle with his health but was back home, where he wanted to be, when the battle ended. As his daughter I commenced this project, which dad was very supportive toward, in late 2008.

Dad was always very supportive of the idea and I was fortunate enough to have him in Sydney, my home, during his last few months where we were able to discuss at length how the web site should play out. My vision for this site, both then and now, was to ensure that Franks vast achievements and incredible scrap book collection, could be celebrated and viewed by others for all time. More importantly, I wanted this site to be for the fans who know vastly more about Dad's career than I do. My hope was that people would add to the site, perhaps question some of the content (Dad always enjoyed a healthy debate) and also share with other visitors to the site their memories of Dad.

What you are viewing today is effectively the first version of the site. I envisage it will change over the years and hopefully one day be managed by Franks grandchildren, Scarlett and Hunter, who will be able to create an even richer catalogue of Dad's achievements.

Frank leaves behind his wife of forty years, Gloria, his son Steve and and of course me, his daughter. As a family, we are immensely proud of what Frank achieved and look forward to receiving your comments and or suggestions on how we can improve the site.

Finally, I would like to give special mention to two very special people without which this site would not have been possible. The first is one of Dad's greatest fans, Tim Cox. Without Tim's in-depth cataloging of Dad's achievements, I would not have been able to present them in the detail I have. Second is one of Dad's oldest friends, and my God Father, Don Hanks. Don is sadly no longer with us but his incredible cataloguing of articles, photos and general commentary celebrating 2 decades of racing history is quite incredible.

If Dad were still with us, he would have taken his white hat off to both of you.

Thanks to all who have contributed and to those of you who I am certain will set me straight in the months and years ahead as I continue to add to this site. I would also like to add, as a closing comment, that I have attempted to include as many photo's, articles, advertising from the day and commentary as possible and where possible, give due credit. It is my solem hope that should I have missed recognising any individual or company as a consequence of posting something that required their permission, then please advise and I can either include details or remove from the site. Futhermore, while the site aims to be objective, should I have misrepresented any person or association then please be advised that this was not intentional and I will endeavour to amend content where possible.

Thankyou for visiting. Enjoy the site.

Kristin (nee Gardner) Haynes